What I learned today…..

He is the author and perfecter of our faith 🙏 – He will make a way, where there seems to be no way.🙌 

Hello my dear friends,

today, I learned, that it is not so much about where I want to go or be, where it is best to be for my children and their paths, as much as it is good, to consider their lives and their future – but when things are hanging in the balance, and there is a decision to be made, as to maybe change locations….. The Lord made it very clear, to me, that the most important and decision making factor should always be: where am I the most useful to the establishment of the kingdom of God here in the world.

This immediately made the most sense, and put everything in perspective!!! 

It doesn’t matter if I want to be here or there, it doesn’t matter if it’s perceivably better, for example for my son, to go to the regional arts program here – it’s where are we, as a family, going to make the biggest difference for the kingdom of God. That is where we will be most happy and content, cause when we do the work, that God has appointed us to do, we are most fulfilled. In order to get there, we have to stay in his boundaries, in his will and in the location, where he can use us the most, or move to the location, he wants us to be. 

Everything else is irrelevant. When I learned that – or let’s say, when the Holy Spirit gave me this revelation, my heart became peaceful all over once again – that’s when I knew, that God will orchestrate everything according to his plan. All I need to do/be, is surrendered to his plan for my life. Nothing else matters. 

Thank you Jesus – whenever I seek you first, things really become very straight forward, and then I know, that I am kept safe in your arms. Again, he is faithful and I know exactly, where I want to be: right there in his arms, not one step out of his will

Sitting back, knowing that he will bring it to pass, exactly as he has planned it. Not relying on self, to do it, but trusting, that he is able. 

The other thing, he taught me today, is, that I have to enjoy the place, where he has me at present, and not let the moments pass me by – so one of my conclusions today is: I will use the infrared sauna in the house (in the almost 5 years, that I lived here, I have never used it) – it’s here, so I have to make time, to use it…..it’s here for my benefit and enjoyment. He is telling me, to use my time wisely, but not to be too busy, to not use the resources, he has placed inside our here and now. There is a reason they are within our reach….so we gotta use them for our good!

This journey we are on, is ours now, and we ought to enjoy it, while it lasts – and then return into the light, that made me and you!!! 

Have an amazing day, everyone. God bless you today and always,