This is who I am

Hello my friends,

may I introduce myself, my Name is Youschka Charlotte (Youschka is my writer pseudonym – in real life it’s Tanja).

I have two beautiful children, that are a true blessing from above. They have helped me grow up in the Lord, just like my original family has. Had it not been for them, to challenge me and my views of this world, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and Christ being the lighthouse of my life, I don’t know, where I would be.

I am still a work in progress, but I am better and stronger than I used to be. For that I thank the Lord and all glory belongs to him.

You might already have met me in my other blogs – if not, feel free to check them out, as they give you a detailed account of my walk with Christ over the last almost 3 years:

God has changed me inside out and upside down or should I rather say, that he changed me right side up, into the one, he has created me to be.

I started blogging in September 2011 and started publishing those blogs in November 2011.

Writing about my walk with Christ, how he has grown me up in my faith and how he helped me to learn to trust and look to him for help in all life circumstances rather than trying to fix or do things on my own, has been the greatest joy in my life and I am thrilled, to tell you, that I will keep writing.

My hope is, that telling you about my transformation helps you to trust God and embrace your destiny…..start living the dream, God placed into your heart, and be who you were always meant to be – the person inside of you, that you knew, was there, but you never dared to be, cause the world kept telling you, that you’ll never amount to anything.

God created you his masterpiece and he has a purpose for you, that is handpicked for you – a plan that gives you a hope and a future.

God bless you and trust in his guidance –
your friend forever,


Updated September 2014

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