He is asking me to step out of situations and trust him to do a new thing – aka: he does not need my help!!! 

He is the author and perfecter of our faith 🙏- He will make a way, where there seems to be no way 🙌

Dear friends

Here we go again – life’s circumstances are still the same, no clear direction yet, as to where we’ll be come fall. Very often it feels as if I can almost touch eternity, only to be pulled back by circumstances…… – The devil sure tries to trip me up ever so often. 

Thankfully he has not much leverage anymore. I have nothing to loose, but to gain all through Christ.

The devil in his accusing voice has no power over me anymore – I know who I am in Christ, and I know that he knows the plans he has for me, and that they are plans to prosper. Even if it’s unnerving to have to keep living in the not knowing and in the not yet. I know, in his time he makes all things beautiful. He is just making sure that I get this lesson in patience to the fullest. 

It’s somewhat ironic, that lessons keep repeating themselves – but since I have already done it over and over in so many different settings – I just need to surrender my circumstances AGAIN into his care, and try not to meddle, as hard as that seems sometimes. Especially with these lessons involving my loved ones.

Yet he needs my complete surrender aka trust – my loved ones are his, and he knows the plans and the timing he has for them. Today at church, he made it very clear, that I need to step out, and let him do his work in their hearts. He can do in an instant, what it takes a lifetime for us to do – actually we may never be able to do it.

So, here I stand, and I lift my hands in surrender to his power, knowing full well, that he is God Almighty, he is all powerful, he is omnipresent and he sees the hearts of all his children.

Thus I surrender my parents, my brother and my own children into his hands – he strongly convicted me today, to be still and know, that he is God, to let go and let God be God.

He does not need my help. I am not to engage into battle, I am not to try to persuade them into believing…..!!! 

Thank you, Jesus, for your promise, that I am to forget the past, and see, that you are truly doing a new thing, that you are making pathways in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. That those, that once were called the desolate land, will be called the delight of the Lord. They will be the crown of life, held in the hand of the Lord, seen by all.

Thank you, Jesus, I shall step out, and let God be God!!! 

Hallelujah – Amen, 


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