Jesus Christ

He is the author and perfecter of our faith 🙏 – He will make a way where there seems to be no way 🙌

Hello my friends,

Here is a P.S. so to speak: Jesus Christ is my savior, my lover and my friend, my inspiration for all that I say and do.

In all that I do, I ask him, to lead the way – to show me, how he wants me to do things, what path and direction to take.

Last year I asked him, to please zip my mouth, if things I wanted to say, were not his – stop me in my tracks, if what I wanted to do, was not his will for my life.

He is refining my speech, he is refining who I am everyday – more and more into his likeness, and my love for him grows with every day that I am walking this earth.

I know, that nothing in this world can satisfy my desire to be with him in heaven – forever and ever!!!

I also know, that he directs my steps and brings people into my life, that need his touch……I really don’t care, if people know who I am, as long as they know, who he is, and that it is him that touches them through me.

I have to still learn, that sometimes situations are really not about me at all, but all about him, and the relationship that people have with him.

It’s an interesting journey I am on, and I am enjoying it – it’s so much more than what I had depicted in my own day dreams……his ways are truly so much higher.

He is God Almighty, and he is teaching me amazing truths day in and day out – refining me more and more. How could I not want to be his instrument here on earth??? It brings me such Joy!

I love him with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength, in short, with all that I am (body, soul, mind and spirit) – and I stand in awe at the amazing tapestry he is weaving from our imperfect lives. – he is not even done yet, and it’s already breathtakingly beautiful.

I love you, Jesus – you are the one, that I trust with all that I am, all that you created me to be. You truly are my wonderful counselor, my Alpha and Omega. Without you, I can do nothing, but with you, I can do all things.

This is what he wants to be to you, too – he wants to have the whole you, in a committed relationship with him. That nothing will ever separate you from one another again. However: he is already there, he never left us – it’s us, who left. But he takes us back with open arms, even if we have been fair weathered friends.

God bless you, my friends. Trust him ❤️



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