My heart is heavy…..

He is the author and perfected of our faith 🙏 – In his strength we can do all things 🙌

Hello my friends

It seems as if the sadness never ends. Today my mother was not well at all – she had a fever, and she didn’t even have the strength to talk to me. My heart is breaking for her. 

My dad is suffering from depression on top of everything else, that he had to go through the last few weeks.

A lot is going on in our lives – the enemy is trying to silence me over and over again. But he will not succeed – because my precious Jesus has won the victory over death and the father of lies. In his strength I stand. 

Despite the bleakness of the circumstances in our lives, I can say, I am still at peace – I know, that his truth and his peace will prevail. He has clearly shown me, what he sees, and that in his kingdom, we are set free from the bondage of evil. Praise the Lord.

As much, as I am at peace, my heart still is heavy for my family. But I will never quit lifting them up before the Lord, and trusting him for their salvation and sanctification.

Please, my friends, we covet your prayers….. – I am praying for those that are suffering right now….from physical, emotional and spiritual pain. Those of you, who have lost a loved one just now. My heart hurts for you all. I pray that the comfort of the Lord surrounds you. No tears are ever waisted, I know that for a fact. He has not forgotten about you.

May the Lord of Lords give you his peace and may he lead you beside still waters. He says, in his word: Come to me, all you, who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. I will run to him right now, I will snuggle into his arms, and listen closely to his words of eternal love. I hope, you do the same.

Remember, he will make a way, where there seems to be no way – in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Your friend today and always,


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