His ways of redemption are limitless…..

He is the author and perfecter of our faith 🙏 – He will make a way where there seems to me no way 🙌

Hello dear friends,

Stuff is going on around here, that simply blows me away……the Lord shows me the subtle ways of how he does redeem all of mankind gradually, but completely. Every single soul matters to him, and once he finds willing vessels, he can do so much more.

I cannot tell you in detail, but he shows me at many instances throughout the day, that the evil forces are already retreating.

Great authors of our time, have amazing insight into how the Spirit moves behind the scene, how the Angels are involved in fighting for our souls.

The Lord has opened my eyes to see the darkness and the light in the people and surroundings – and I also see the shift from darkness to light or vice versa. It’s pretty amazing, to see and understand all that.

Sometimes I wonder, why he lets me see all this, how come he trusts me this much…..but then he always tells me, that trust him with all of me and all of my life, and that my heart’s desire is to do his will……and then I feel humbled and blessed beyond anything I could ever have hoped for, cause he considers me worthy of his trust, worthy of being part of his inner circle, to understand his ways.

Thank you, thank you, Jesus, for having chosen me, to be given true sonship, through believing and trusting you more and more over the last years.

I am honored and amazed by your deep love for me. Our relationship is my biggest treasure. You are simply amazing, and I will always seek you first, that goes without saying, for all falls into perspective then. When earthly circumstances and perspectives may look bleak, your perspective makes it all clear and wonderful. Then the hope of Glory is only a heartbeat away!!!

Glory to God Almighty for all that he does in my life and the lives of my loved ones. Even in the lives of those, that don’t even know him. His heart is full of compassion at all times – In his time he will make all things beautiful, in his time!!!

Trusting him, means trusting in his timing….. – trusting him, I do!!! God is good and I love him with all my heart.

I love you too, and I pray for you always, that you may allow your hearts to be opened and receive his overflowing and everlasting love.

His Peace for you – in Jesus’ mighty name – I pray,


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