Reminiscing…… – again – His ways are truly higher…..

He is the author and perfecter of our faith 🙏
He will make a way, where there seems to be no way 🙌 

Dear friends,

can you imagine, I have been on this road of blogging (writing about my walk with the Lord and other relevant topics) since September 21, 2011 – which Is basically is 3.5 years…..when I am taking stock, of where I have been then, and where I am today….. – all I can say is: SIMPLY WOW!!! 

God is great and his ways sure are so much higher – I am at a much better place, than I have ever been in my life – His promises have proven true over time, and I trust him with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. 

Whatever the Holy Spirit commands me to do, I do it, and every single step of obedience releases past pain, fear and hurt – old wounds are scabbing over – Praise the Lord. Hallelujah 

I don’t know, if you are familiar with my old blogs, but I can assure you, in the Journey of Growth, things and situation, or should I call them lessons, keep repeating themselves, always reaching in a little bit deeper, peeling off yet another layer of pain. In letting God take over, and letting him do, what he does best: Healing the hearts of his children, we grow higher and higher, closer and closer to his beating heart, full of love for his children and his bride. 

2 years ago today, I was writing (in my previous blog: Happily Ever After), that I had reconnected with a man, I had met many years ago in Hotel Management School, we started dating, and due to previous revelations, I thought, that he was to be my man, picking up the tab, since the one, that God brought into my life over 20 years ago, had not returned to me, and didn’t seem to be doing so. 

Six months after our initial contact, we were history…..I am still not sure, if it was bc. God has still preordained my true twin heart and I to find our way back to one another and the realization, that my heart still longed to be reunited with him, or if it was, that he (the man I was dating then) could not open up his heart and share the depth of it with me. 

My heart still hurts for him, and I pray for his salvation and sanctification – that his heart may find the healing, that God has for him – yet the question is, will he ever allow true love to enter in, and let it flow through him. I don’t know. But I also learned, that this is no longer my business – God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. 

At the time I encouraged him to pursue his wife, as he was still married, even though separated for a few years, ….and I felt deep in my heart, that he needed to reunite with her, whereas I needed to be reunited with the one God has for me. 

In the spirit, my twin heart and I are connected, it makes me dizzy, and fills my heart with joy. His heart beats in mine, and every heartbeat of mine, bears his name. 

I know, God has great things ahead of us, and I am more than ever ready to receive all he has for me and my children. 

Today, resting in his presence, receiving his peace and his joy, are the truth I live in. This truth has set me free from the demands and worries of this world – I call them the deamons and giants, the evil one employs, to lure us away from the promises of God (aka the promised land).

Thankfully they do not have any power over me anymore – Life is good (I did not say easy) – but in his peace and in his strength I can do all things, and I can take one step at the time…..walking into his ultimate freedom (Heaven here on Earth) – my home and dwelling place. 

May his peace be with you, too and may he quiet your heart, as you place your trust solely into his hands – In the mighty name of Christ,

Your friend forever more, 


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