And I can count on him always….

He is the author and perfecter of our faith πŸ™Œ He will make a way, where there seems to be no way πŸ™Œ  

Another profound day around here, my friends,

As you know, the care of my parents represents a big challenge right now, due to their health issues and also their stubbornness as well as their sense of entitlement – so obviously this is not easy. 

I was just reminded, that it’s their will, how they wish to live their lives and what their old age will look like – also: we are busy, making plans, but the Eternal guides our steps – so once again I am asked to trust him. I don’t know, what he is doing in their lives – and their faith may not look like mine, but it’s theirs, and they have to figure this one out with their maker. 

Not too long ago, when I read another blog, to which I could not relate, I even thought, that I had to say something about, how I didn’t think it was the right approach, today, the Lord very clearly showed me, that really, we are all on our way home – our personal relationship with the Lord, is nobody else’s business. God is the only one, who knows their hearts completely and thus will guide their steps with regards to what he is trying to accomplish in their respective lives. None of this, however, is my business. 

As hard as this is…..

I get it. I have to let go, and let God be the author and perfecter of their faith, and he will make a way for them – the way might just look very different from what I have been envisaging for them. But ultimately he is the one, who walks alongside us, and never lets go.

His Angels are fighting the good fight for all his creation, and everybody has to make their own choice, at any given moment in time. 

Sometimes it hurts in love, and sometimes it lasts. So, I am letting go of foreseeing the best way for my parents, and I trust, that he is Sovereign. 

He is the only one, that can change their hearts. All I can do, is love them and show them the grace, that I have received through my precious lover and friend. 

When we were trying to figure out the next day and what to do during this so well deserved march break, I was going to contact a friend, to find out, if he knew, how the weather is in Collingwood, and if it’s worth going there – but then I was gently redirected, to actually acquire this information somewhere else. I was to seek information with someone, who honours the Lord, rather than someone, who finds fault and is judgemental.

I can see, how the Lord truly is taking captive my thoughts, and directing me to always seek him first.

He is faithful, and he loves me, and he will make a way, where there seems to be now way – I have to let go, and let God do, what only he knows best, how to do it…..: make a way were there seems to be no way for his children.

In Jesus’ name – Amen!!! 


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