Bye for now

He is the author and perfecter of our faith 🙏 – He will make a way, where there seems to be no way 🙌

Okay, my friends – final blog in this series – taking a time out, to see, what my daddy and my eternal husband are preparing for me. It’s a very strong sense today, that I have to stop hanging on to old things…..and funnily enough, blogging is part of the old now.

The Lord wants me to fully embrace what lies ahead – embracing and declaring/claiming the new territory. I thought there would maybe be some more posts, but no – it’s bye for now, until the new is established.

I believe that one part of the new, he is directing me to, involves publishing my book – or maybe dive into writing a new one yet. We shall see.

What I know for sure, is, that I cannot and will not tarry anymore – this stage of my walk with the Lord is over, we are moving on to the next stage, level of our relationship, my beloved and I – I am excited, to say the least, even though I don’t know what lies ahead.

But anywhere with Jesus, I can safely go – that is clear……the rest, I know, will fall into place, one step after another, as I continue walking forward into my destiny. Trusting the Lord with all my heart, not leaning on my own understanding, but acknowledging him in all that I do….. and my path will be made straight.

The truths he has taught me over the last years, the attentiveness I learnt over the last years, with which I listen to his voice, act and adapt accordingly, have strengthened me, to trust more fully today.

Sometimes I still want to waver, and sometimes I just don’t understand, why there has to be so much waiting, but then, when I ask him for guidance and wisdom and/or understanding of the situation, I can count on him, directing my path.

I am moving forward, pen in hand, everything at the ready, to go, where he takes me – I know, the journey will be amazing. It will be an adventure, that I cannot wait to begin.

Pray for me, as I am taking this time to allow the repositioning that God has in mind for me, as I am allowing him, who holds my tomorrow, to direct my steps into this new level of faith and growth in our relationship.

Looking forward to sharing this new stage with you – you can find me at the new blog ‘Heaven now and 4ever’, when the transition is complete.

God bless you, my friends,

I love you,

Youschka 😘